The Graphic Studio started in 2004.The graphic room offers special stands for designing and creating graphic works and is adapted for bookbinding workshops. Typographic workshops take place in an historic composing room and also offer examining the whole exhibition.

Graphic workshops

Young creators prepare their own designs which are placed on a suitable material forming a matrix. Then they obtain printouts by the use of an old printing press. The Programme is also adapted for children from nursery school.

Bookbinding workshops

The participants get acquainted with different forms of sewing with threads and they prepare make their own notebook. They learn how to safely handle with bookbinding tools and are taught how to repair and old damaged or torn book.

Typographic workshops

The offer is for older pupils or students. This programme is unique in Poland as it teaches how to create a typesetting by single fonts. The participants make a typographic typesetting by hand and then print it using an archaic technique.